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Two Color Printing Of Basic Knowledge

Two-color printed books are very common now.

A few years ago, people see the common two-color printing usually is “black+ red” or “ black+blue”. In brief, it is getting the two color out of the CMYK color. Because when the yellow color is used alone, resolution limiting is not good for reading, then there is no” black+yellow combination.


But single red and blue color printed out the color is a little dazzling, it will not give the people high-end feeling. With the Pantone color printing cost reduction, two-color printing also introduces this kind of process mode, people can use certain Pantone color ink what they need to match the black color, then the color will be rich.


In fact, the two-color printing is simply defined as” black color+pantone color is not correct. As long as the two kinds of ink mixed printing can be called two-color printing. In other words,we could use two pantone color to match. This is often used in many experimental image processing.

As if we have eaten "two-color ice cream" when we were children, two different kinds tastes (colors) mixed up, it could be all kinds of possible.


Surely, printing also need consider the printing cost. After all, pantone color used ink is more expensive than the conventional CMYK color ink. Therefore, we need to combine the cost and the final effect in the design, choose the appropriate way,  use less money to achieve the best possible effect.