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The Price Of The Books Depends On What?

In the printing industry, there are many factors affect the price of the books, such as papers, binding, quantity etc .

 The price depends on the paper

There many kinds of paper , such as coated two side paper( C2S), coated one side paper( C1S). Offset paper, matte art paper and so on . Different products use different paper and different paper the price its different , if for the magazine printing, booklet printing, catalog printing, we usually use coated two side paper or matte paper, if for the autobiography book,novel etc, we usually use offset paper. 

 The price depends on the binding

The binding we usually use perfect binding, sewn perfect binding, sewn hardcover binding, hardcover binding. For the same books , if use sewn perfect binding, the price its higher than perfect binding.

  The price depends on the quantity

The quantity of the books you need more , the price would be much cheaper, but it has a  upper limit.

The same book, I means the same paper, the same binding, if you need 2000 pieces, the price its higher than 5000 pieces.