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Paper Box Dimensional Shape

Paper Box Dimensional shape

Modeling model editing

The carton is a three-dimensional shape, it is composed of a number of the surface of the movement, accumulation, folding, surrounded by the multi-faceted body composition. The structure of the three-dimensional structure in the space from the role of space, the different parts of the surface to be cut, rotated, folded, the surface has a different emotional expression. The relationship between the display surface, the side, the top and the bottom of the relationship, as well as the packaging information element settings.

Modeling design editor

Cartoon design is also an abstract form of language expression. The shape of the carton can be excavated and created from the direction of vitality, movement, body mass, depth and so on. At the same time, the principle of beauty is combined with the principle of beauty, The shape of the carton packaging.

Packaging structure editing

Carton packaging structure for the function of goods, features, should give full play to the characteristics of polyhedron, clever use of body language to express the characteristics of goods and packaging beauty. In fact, the carton structure is not only to make a box of three-dimensional effect map, it also involves the production process of the process, including the carton of the plane structure, knife mold production, paste box molding, these links should be in the design When it is thoughtful. This requires the designer to have a considerable understanding of the structure of the carton so that the design can be put into production.

Structure proofing editing

Carton carton structure proofing, can be manually proofing or open mold preparation, but more is the use of a dedicated carton carton computer proofing machine to produce a model, the machine model for the production of fast, high precision, , And can also use the carton carton computer proofing machine to draw the knife mold map, so that the factory can make their own knife template, through proofing to confirm the paper tray model is correct, you can quickly confirm the order situation, improve timeliness, But also the inevitable trend of future business development.

Development trend editor

Paper products packaging, packaging products is the largest amount of species. Carton is the most important form of transport packaging, and cartons are widely used in food, medicine, electronics and other products sales packaging. With the changes in the way of transport and sales changes, cartons, cartons of the increasingly diversified style, almost every new non-standard cartons are accompanied by a set of automated equipment come out, and the new carton itself has become The means of commodity promotion, Shibao Group that the future carton packaging will be toward the direction of environmental protection and economic development, there will be more innovative form in front of us.