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Magazine Divided By Content

Magazine Divided by content

Classification editor

According to the content points: the magazine can be divided into comprehensive journals and professional journals two categories.

According to the subject, the magazine can be divided into social science journals, science and technology journals, popular journals and other three categories.

And social science journals, but also can be divided into news, literature, theory, comment and so on.

Science and technology journals can be divided into science, engineering, heaven and earth biochemical class.

The popularization periodicals can be divided into knowledge class, entertainment class, science class and so on.

For the news class, science and so on can be a step by step to go down.

By time, the magazine can be divided into weekly, late, semi-monthly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual and so on.

According to the reader, the magazine can be divided into children's magazines, youth magazines, college magazines, teenage magazines, women's magazines, the elderly magazine, workers magazine, peasant magazine, cadre magazine, intellectual magazine, military magazine.

According to the text, the magazine can be divided into Chinese magazines, English magazines, Japanese magazines, Russian magazines, as well as full, Mongolian, Tibetan, Uygur and other national minority magazine.

Press the opening of the points, can be divided into large 16 open, 16 open, big 32 open, small 32 open and so on.

According to the scope of distribution, can be divided into internal distribution, domestic public offering, domestic and foreign public offering.

According to the distribution method, can be divided into postal magazine and non-mail magazine.

According to the nature of the magazine, can be divided into academic journals, technical journals, popular journals, educational journals, intelligence journals, enlightenment journals, entertaining journals and so on.

According to the form of expression, there are text-based text magazine and picture-based graphics magazine.

Electronic edition editor

Early e-magazine (Ezine or Zine) is a generic term. The earliest in 1993, the United States, refers to all kinds of e-mail using a powerful communication function, regularly to subscribers to provide information content online new media, generally free subscription, the most common of which is the so-called "mailing list" (mailinglist) , Compared with the marketing e-mail, with a more specific cyclical, more targeted, service. The so-called e-magazine is not the kind of web journals through web site thematic links. But to Flash, video, audio and text of the emerging electronic magazine, the biggest feature is the multimedia and interactive.

Electronic magazine Representative works:

"OUT e-magazine"

"InnerLight Heart Quest"