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Hardcover Book Stapling Method

Hardcover Book Stapling method

What is the difference between ordinary plastic and hardcover? Recently, many industries are high season, there are many customers are now consulting to do all kinds of books and printing, if you want to save the user for a long time, or to be very high-end kind of books and prints, many customers can not call the name only know is hard Shell books, where to tell the kind of books that the name is hardcover book printing. There is a page is not too much of the 80 pages around the customer will choose not to mention the kind of nail, it is good to see that is the plastic book printing, so what industry needs to see what kind of books, for the Customer needs to choose. Here we talk about books and print ordinary plastic and hardcover difference. Ordinary plastic equipment books and printing, these two days there are two customers are more than 80 pages of the album printing re-design, there is a Shenzhen Nanshan billion Weier customers do 84P album printing 2000, because they are doing military equipment, Their company began to do is to run the high-end positioning to do, start to see our website to do a variety of books or relatively good, so we contacted the company, the customer said to see our hardcover book To do is very good, but also want to open their albums to do hardcover book style, and later to understand what is the page to do 84P, I told the customer that the number of pages can not do less hardcover, when the hardcover to do when easy to fall off The number of pages can not bear the weight of the hard shell, the number of small hand-made is also more trouble, this number of pages to do the plastic version of the version or will be more beautiful, we sent the customer to the basic plastic book model, the customer or Choose the practice of plastic equipment, so customers want to do high-end after the grade of the album printing, if you want to do the way of plastic equipment, then more than 48P or not less than 54P can be, please remember to do Loading page limit.

Hardcover book printing, hardcover book printing is the book of the most, I believe we have seen hard shell books, hardcover hardcover books are more than 3 white pages of customers will choose to do hardcover book, the number of pages of their own books and more printing costs Is also relatively high, but under what circumstances this book can make friends after reading a friend is not willing to discard discarded, most customers will choose hardcover version of the practice, this book is not only good-looking and storage time is relatively more At home, then when the furnishings are also very good to see, hardcover book shell can do some simple craft, bronzing convex mounted layer of sponge in a layer of gray board, so hardcover book to do more feel.

       What is the difference between ordinary plastic and hardcover? These two kinds of stapling method is not only a different way to do the effect of the grade is also very different, of course, have to understand the number of pages can be done to do the relative binding method of printing, if the printing book binding method is different View the customer's contact with us, here every day for everyone to share different knowledge of printing.