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Hardcover Book Printing With Tabs

Today , i want to introduce the hardcover books with taps

Cover: 2pages, use 157 gsm glossy paper mounted 1500gsm grey cardboard , full color , glossy lamination

Inner: 60 pages, use 128gsm glossy paper , full color

Binding: sewn hardcover binding

Tabs: there are four tabs of the book.

The first tab its between page one and page two, so its on the front of page three

The second tab its page 13 and page 14, so its between page 12 and page 15

The third tab its page 29 and page 30, so its between page 28 and page 31

The fourth tab its page 53 and page 54, so its between page 52 and page 55


If anybody want print the hardcover books with tabs, you can contact me .