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Hardcover Book Mainly On The Cover Of The Book

Hardcover Book Mainly on the cover of the book

Hardcover book production refers to a fine book production methods. Hardcover book printing books are mainly in the book cover and book core of the back, the book on a variety of shapes made after the processing. Processing methods and forms of a variety of, such as book core processing there are round back (from the ridge or not ridge), square back, square corners and rounded corners; cover processing and sub-surface, surface, round, , Pressing the pattern and so on. Today, the hardcover book on the market a variety of types of printing products, styles are different, printing has a unique hardcover book printing processing equipment, divided into: UV process, covered film process, covered dumb film technology, convex Technology, the process of depression, bronzing process, hot silver process, die-cutting process, printing technology, flocking process, reel Phnom Penh process, flash powder technology, such as 12 Indian Postpress technology, product tailored, Print varieties stand out.

Our mission makes your product different, so that your products sell better. Hardcover book printing, the election is very important to the manufacturers. Hardcover book is the most popular product of paper products, its beautiful, solid, collection of the characteristics of the widely loved by the reader. Hardcover book printing are generally large quantities of production, because the small batch production cost is higher, the most favorable way of cooperation in large quantities, and in recent years because of the convenience of the Internet, customers can through the network of Hao Hang network can find hardcover book Printing, but the customer how to judge a hardcover printing machine is good or bad it? Strong and weak?

Today, the 21st century, "Baidu" a magical presence, more and more guests in Baidu to find hardcover book printing plant, a simple understanding of its strength, equipment, personnel, and so some basic information. But the false everywhere, on the network to boast of their own hype. Here to give you professional advice: the network search information, can not blindly believe, seeing is believing, no matter how hard the screen to see hardcover printing press, are not as direct to the factory to visit a circle to the reality. The size of the factory, the number of workers, the number of machines, etc. These are a business can not change the fact that hardcover book printing, we must choose the strength of the manufacturers, which is responsible for their own business, responsible for consumers. Hardcover book printing as a book more beautiful, solid, the value of the collection of products, very popular with the reader's favorite, but its production process is very complex and diverse, with UV technology, coating process, covered dumb film process, from convex process , Embossing process, bronzing process, hot silver process, die-cutting process, Indian oil technology, flocking process, reel Phnom Penh process, flash powder technology, and so more. Which involves a variety of materials and accessories, paper, ink, after processing materials, and so more materials.

Different materials and different process prices are not the same, but the customer is not clear when the inquiry is what kind of material, the production of which process, so that our business staff simply can not be hardcover book quotations. For those who do not understand the production process, we will recommend the guests to our company or video connection introduced by the printing years of experience in the printing engineers, one to one for the guests to provide materials, craft one-stop professional tailor-made.