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Brochure Note The Small

Note small; small book. Song Sunsheng "Sun Gong talk about the garden" Volume: "Zeng Lu Gong seventy, bitter dysentery. Township Chen Yingzhi, with water plum tea, served by the more. Zi Xiao wide words, his father different surgery, keep a small After the book "Mao Zedong" concerned about the group from the life, pay attention to work methods ":" comrades, give you two model township brochures, you probably see it. "Xu Jie" on the memories ":" I am in five Ten years ago, he had published a pamphlet called "Tomorrow 's Literature" with the pseudonym of Zhang Zi - three.

1 Making a booklet with WPS Publishing a booklet You can also make your own internal manuals, internal publications or personal prints, and often need to print a large sheet of paper on both sides, Four pages of four pages, the page number is not continuous, but folded from the fold, with a saddle staple set into a book, the page on the continuous. This is in the printing factory, is simply a piece of cake. However, their own use of computer design to print such a book, to achieve it is a bit difficult. Below, I would like to introduce the use of Jinshan WPS word processing software for book folding print, production and print a booklet of this specific method. First, the paper size Select the maximum layout size used to design the booklet, that is, your printer can support the printing of the largest format. For example, if your printer supports up to A4 paper, then the design page on the screen can only be set to A4. A4 paper folded, just the equivalent of A5 paper size. Start the WPS text software, execute the "File → Page Setup" menu command or double-click the space in the upper left corner of the page to open the Page Setup dialog box and set the paper size to A4 on the Paper tab.

Switch to the "Margins" tab, in the "page range" column, select "multi-page" behind a content, the drop-down list box provides a total of three options: "ordinary" that we usually See the general layout of the way, not folding; election "book folding" way to print the booklet, from left to right to read, that is, we often see the book style; "reverse book folding" way to print the small Brochure, from right to left, like the ancient books read the order of similar.