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Book Influences

Book influences

"Shangshu" [14] includes the Yu, Xia, Shang, on behalf of the royal family on Thursday, most of the orders, that is, to the public, then a small part of the monarch and the king of the words. There are notes, but according to people's argument, that note a few articles, mostly the warring States made the last year, should be treated separately. Those orders are called "oath" or "Patent", future generations will use "oath", "Patent" to represent the name of this category. Ordinary orders called "Patent", the military called "oath". Jun's words are called "life"; Chen complained that the words do not seem to name, occasionally known as "Mo" ②. Some of these words are recorded by contemporary historians, some historians of future generations; contemporary historians may be based on news, descendants of historians can only be based on rumors. These words seem to just say, not to write the message; historian records, intended to save the file, prepare for later use. This ancient archives, want to come a lot, stay very little Han Dynasty biography "book order", the origin is unknown, perhaps Zhou, Qin people made. Some people say that Confucius deleted "book" for the hundred articles, each orderly, that meaning. This lacks credible evidence. Confucius taught students in the books "book", it is true. That time the "book" is what it looks like, has no way to know. "Book" is the meaning of the record ③; about that the so-called "book" refers only to the retention of some of the ancient archives in terms of those files or I am afraid that one is not a set of books. The book may be in the hands of the Han Chinese. At that time these files retained less, and more ancient, more rare; Han people will edit them, renamed "Shangshu". "Shang", "on" also; "Book" is said to be "ancient emperor's book" ④. "Book" to add a "still" word, no doubt that respect for the letter means. As for the "book" called "by", began in the "Xunzi" ⑤; only to the Han Dynasty was common.

Confucianism by the five classics, "Shangshu" incomplete the most, so the problem is also the most. Qin Shihuang burn the world poetry and princes history, and prohibit private possession of all books. To the Han Hui Di, only to open the ban; the emperor then encourage people to offer more books. The book was gradually seen. At that time, "Shangshu" is only one Jinan Fu Health ⑥. Volkswagen is Dr. Qin. When the emperor under the imperial edict of poetry and literature, he will "book" hidden in the wall. Later, he was in exile. Han Ding world, only to go home; check the possession of the "book", has lost dozens of the remaining only twenty-nine of the. He guarded some of this, privately taught in Qi, Lu between. Emperor knows his name, want to call him into the DPRK. When he was more than 90 years old, can not travel to the capital to go. The emperor will send the official Gu Chao wrong to learn from him. Fusheng private professor, together with the court to promote, so that "Shangshu" spread. The book was written by the "ancient text", or written in the Qin seal, and his students only use the official script at that time. This is the so-called "Book of Heaven" or "Book of Now" since the Eastern Han Dynasty. Han Emperor to promote Confucianism, legislation five by Dr.; Xuan emperor every time after the division of the number of officials, a total of fourteen Dr., each doctor has a number of disciples. Everyone has the so-called "division" or "family law", from the scholars must be strict. At this time the school has become a way to become profitable, the rule of law naturally more up. 

"Shangshu" also set off Ouyang (and Bo), the size of Xiahou (Xiahou Sheng, Xiahou Jian) Dr. three, are sent off the factions. At that time to have a long time to survive, the Confucian scholar for the sake of respect for the reason, as much as that "Shangshu" intact. They said that twenty-nine is taken from the sky, a Big Dipper plus twenty-eight places, is not it twenty-nine! This twenty-nine, the Eastern Han Confucian classics Ma Rong, Zheng Xuan gave the note; but those notes are now lost.