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Book Cover Process

 book Cover process

1, the book printing production cover process is usually UV, bronzing, scrub, film, oil, embossed embossing, hot color, indentation and other processes

UV process: UV is in the UV part looks more obvious, feels slightly raised, but can not see the bulge. UV is mainly glossy, wear water, do not corrode the paper, improve the brightness of the color, protect the surface of the product, some laminating products are changed to UV, can meet environmental requirements, but UV products are not easy to bond, some only through Local UV or polished to solve the UV effect which is divided into bright UV and dumb UV.

2, the Varnish process: In fact, and UV process is somewhat similar, but the process of oil to be simple, the brightness is lower than the UV effect, the varnish can print the appearance of more bright and bright, but also enhance the protection of printed matter.

3, the film process: the paper and plastic film through the hot-pressed film is a transparent plastic film through the hot pressing adhesive attached to the sealing surface, with a good flatness, wear, water, anti-fouling advantages, and increase its luster. There are two kinds of film and matte film, light film film is relatively bright, so that the surface of the book dazzling, magnificent; dumb film color dark, looks soft, it is books thick and elegant. Generally it is higher than the optical film to be more expensive, the cost is higher than the optical film.

4, embossed embossing process: also called pressure bump, convex, is the use of matching each other concave and convex steel mold or copper mold, out of the concave and vertical three-dimensional pattern or the outline of the outline of the pattern. In the book binding, embossing is mainly used to print the cover text and pattern or wireframe, in order to improve the three-dimensional print, but also in the embossing after printing ink or local UV coating, so that the picture is more prominent. Mainly used in hardcover or simple book on the cover or cover.

Is a printing binding technology, many processes, the operation is complex, the processing difficulty than the simple book printing and riding book printing, leaflet printing to be high, there will be more quality problems. So hardcover book printing production not only requires the operator's high level of technology, but also inseparable from the advanced production equipment. Industry printing equipment benchmark Heidelberg printing presses and exclusive hardcover book production line Martini hardcover line is essential.