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What is the best thickness paper for folder?

Folder is a kind of economical small print, general printing folders use paper 157 gsm,, 200 gsm, but its not thicker its better.


What is the best thickness paper for folder? Such as a small three-fold page with 157 gsm of copper paper is very appropriate, if used too thick, more than 250 gsm, fold the fold line is easy to crack, then this time on the machine indentation to deal with, of course, insurance It is no problem with a new film.


Which promotional materials for printing folding? Objectively speaking, the need to promote the content of a large space, this time by folding to complete this task is arduous, because the folding capacity is so big. Subjectively speaking, enterprises in the external publicity is a very attention to the image, in the case of budget allow, will be more to do hardcover manual, rather than do folding, to make the enterprise more strength.


Also when we printing books , magazines , catalogues , we need to according the pages to suggest our clients use how thick of the paper.