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Printing Craft

Printing Craft

1. foil

With metallic luster, grandeur, make the printing pictures to produce a strong contrast.

Scope of application: applicable to the very prominent words or logo, usually for sample, greeting 

CARDS, invitations, calendars, desk calendar, etc.

2. spot UV

Point: to present a variety of art in print surface effects, make print more beautiful.

Scope of application: books framed, covers, cover, desk calendar, high-grade packaging, 

handbags, and so on

3.debossed or embossed

Scientific name for embossing, rely on pressure makes objects produce local change pattern of 

printing process, the metal is the edition after corrosion become pressing pressure and blank 


Scope of application: apply to more than 200gsm of the paper, the mechanism are obvious Gao 

Kechong specialty paper

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