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Post-press Knowledge

1.Q: What is the post-press processing surface finishing?

 A: In the book cover or other printed on the varnishing, film lamination, hot stamping, die cutting, indentation or other processing, it is called surface finishing. Surface finishing processing, not only enhance prints art effect, but also has ink protection function.


2.Q:What is the varnishing?

  A: Printing one layer transparent coating on the prints surface, after drying, it could protect the ink not scratch, also it could increase prints gloss, this processing craft called Varnishing. In general, book cover, illustration, calendar, trademark, etc, which need to do varnishing on the surface.


3.Q: What is film lamination?

 A: Film lamination use the polypropylene and other plastic film covered in the prints surface, and take adhesives by heating, pressure to bond together the processing process. The coating process is divided into pre-coating film and coating film. Precoating film is the adhesive pre-coated on the plastic film, drying and rewinding. And then the film is finished by hot pressing in the case of a binder. The coating film is used at the same time when the adhesive is used.

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