Low Prices Sewn Binding Hardcover Book Printing Company

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Low Prices Sewn Binding Hardcover Book Printing Company

Book description:

This is hardcover book printing. It described History of the Mariana Islands. This book most of Black and white printing, it use offset paper to print, offset paper is best for black and white printing, it could also be written on it.

You could see the book can open flat, because this hardcover book is thread sewing.
Also this binding is more durable.

Hardcover book is high end book, even price is a little expensive than other books. People still love it.

A hardcover book is a bookbinding model with a protective hardback cover (generally made of cardboard, covered with leather, such as fabric, cardboard or calfskin). Books in most of places are usually a paperback book, but the paperback book is not suitable for preservation, hardcover book is beautiful, easy to save, it has a very high collection value, so books lovers and libraries like hardcover books.
Hardcover book binding is thread sewing binding, so it is easy to open flat, people do not use the fingers to hold when they are reading.

Cover material choose:

1. Leather for cover

2.Linen fabric for cover

3. Paper material for cover

PS: The below picture is linen fabric material for cover.  

     Cover surface gold foil stamping

     The hardcover book with dust jacket, it looks like high-end books.

hardcover book printing prices.jpg


Thread sewing binding: With a special machine in the pages of the nail mouth of the broken line with the string to chain pages. Generally used for thick paperback book or hardback book.


sewn hardcover book printing.jpg

Cover Craft:

1. gold foil stamping

2. silver foil stamping

3. emboss, deboss (when you touch the surface, you feel something bulge)

4. Spot UV (when you take a look the cover from the side, you could see something is special bright,  usually people do this craft to make something to easy to attract eyes, E.g. Logo, Company name, etc.)

PS: Pls reference the below effect picture.

book printing hardcover.jpg

Printing process:

print book hardcover.jpg

Printer: Germany Advanced Heidelberg CP2000, it is the most advanced printer in the world for now.

hardcover book binding.jpg

Printing template size: 1030*790 mm
Max printing size: 1020*720 mm
Min printing size: 480*340 mm
Seaming: 36+12 mm

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Since the hardcover book printing prices is a little higher than softcover book, but it is sewn hardcover book printing, it means your book hardcover is stiff, not soft, also it be could opened flat, especially for the spread page, it could be seen the completed image. If you would like to make your books look luxury, print book hardcover is one of the best option for you.