Custom Matt Lamination Hardbound Cooking Book Printing Services

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       Custom Matt Lamination Hardbound Cooking Book Printing Services


This is cook hardcover book. The author immigrated into Australia from India. He wrote this book to teach people how to cook the India food. You can see the inside page, that is CMYK color, use Heidelberg Printer can make sure the color is good.

Here is the cook hardcover book spec:
8.5*11 inches
2.5mm grey board
157g glossy paper


Cover finish:

The below cover finish is deboss. Because the cover material is linen fabric, can not print on the surf. So it could only do the special craft. E.g. Deboss, gold stamping. etc.

Usually people will do their logo or their name on the front cover. Pls make the reference for the below picture.

matt lamination book printing.jpg

Section sewn binding
1. Apply for hardcover book. 

2. Apply for some books which has many pages.

3. Advantage:  1. people can open book the book flat, you dont need to use hands to hold. pls see the below pictures.

                      2. Sometimes, the books has double page spread, this binding can fit the spread page requirement, it could display                               the whole image in the inside page.

                      3. Books can use for long time, not easily to fall apart.

hardbound book printing.jpg  

Belly band

Some clients like to make belly to fit the books, it looks like more professional and high-end.  This books usually popular in the boutique shop. It could give client special feeling.

The below book is memory book. People can write down good things into the book.  After many years later, they could remind good things in their mind. 

If some one want to write somthing into the book, only two paper is suitable for writing, one is offset paper, other one mart art paper, because their surface not smooth, then it could easy to write. Note it.

Anyone want to customize book, we could give you professional advice for reference.

The important thing, can you see the silver foil, it is shinning, people usually do this craft, who want to highlight the theme.

cooking book printing.jpg


book printing services.jpg


Printer: Germany Advanced Heidelberg GP2000, it is the most advanced printer in the world for now. 

custom book printing.jpg

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